why it works.
  • The Drinking Game™ is FUN: Students learn through competition, interaction and humor.
  • The Drinking Game™ puts the student and the college on the same page. The shared goal: a college experience that is meaningful and SAFE.
  • The Drinking Game™ promotes discussion and reflection.
  • And most importantly, it works because: "JUST SAY NO"- DOESN`T!!
College students are better at finding ways to drink than professionals are at finding ways to stop them! Research shows that: “Just say no”- and other abstinence approaches to alcohol education simply do not work for this population. The Drinking Game™ is part of a “harm reduction“ approach to substance use that acknowledges the reality of college drinking while neither condoning nor encouraging it. Does it work? Learn more! A sample of the survey used to assess the immediate impact of THE DRINKING GAME is attached. Please, feel free to download and use the pre and post tests to measure its impact on YOUR STUDENTS!